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HipBizTec is media and inbound marketing agency for hip-hop, business, and technology


Rather than using outbound tactics such as cold calling and interruptive ads inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content to pull your target market in. The goal of inbound marketing is to create valuable experiences for your target market by attracting them in a non-intrusive, helpful manner in which you become a trusted guide through their buyer’s journey. 
HipBizTec specializes in content creation, video production and social media management using inbound marketing strategies. We truly believe that high quality content that is well-positioned and well-delivered is the best way to reach people on the internet today.


 HBT publishes original content on the latest industry news, in-depth articles and exclusive interviews featuring CEO’s, recording artists and cultural leaders. Our platform keeps viewers updated with innovative ventures in the music and tech industries while sharing lifestyle and wellness guides to everyday living.

Our mission

Our mission is to amplify the message and multiply the impact of brands through our inbound marketing solutions. Furthermore, to push the culture forward, HipBizTec’ wants to teach young founders, musical artists, and creatives entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and marketing through hip-hop, business, and technology using original content and community incentives. 


Target Audience
  • Women 36% 36%
  • Men 65% 65%


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