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HipBizTec (HBT) the acronym for Hip-Hop, Business and Technology is the premier multimedia platform for music, entertainment, design and entrepreneurship. Founded by Haitian-media personality Catiana Saillant. The site publishes original content on the latest industry news, in-depth articles and exclusive interviews featuring CEO’s, recording artist and cultural leaders. HBT keeps viewers updated with innovative ventures in the music and tech industries while sharing lifestyle, wellness tips and business guides. Our tool is education and our vision shapes the future.

Hip Hop

HipBizTec is the definitive voice of hip hop through in-depth reporting, our covers music from mainstream to the local underground.


HipBizTec provides essential business information and advice to aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, and decision makers.


HipBizTec tracks all the latest consumer technology and shows you what’s new & what’s happening.

Our Mission


One of the unique things about hip-hop as a genre and a culture is it’s focus on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. All of the great success stories from Diddy to Dre to Jay Z, come from people who started their own businesses, using their own passion and adversities to impact, inspire and uplift the African-American community. To push the culture forward, HipBizTec’s mission is to teach young founders entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and brand-marketing through hip-hop music, technology,  original content and community incentives.

Target Audience
  • Women 36%
  • Men 65%


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Catiana Saillant

Catiana Saillant

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jeromy Alexander

Jeromy Alexander


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