Facebook introduced a feature called “Watch Party” for Facebook Groups last July that lets users watch videos together and it now seems that its subsidiary Instagram might also allow video co-watching.

Instagram was spotted working on a video co-watching feature by reverse-engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong. Wong says this feature would be available in Instagram Direct in video calls, and the snapshots she shared reveal that you would be able to co-watch videos from a playlist or the ones suggested by Instagram. 

There’s no guarantee of this feature ever seeing the light of day. However, by introducing functionality like this, businesses will have a better advantage at building community. 

Here are three ways businesses would be able to use Instagrams unreleased co-watching feature.  

Interactive Q&As

There are many use cases on Facebook already from groups such as Tia Mowry’s Quick Fixers where her fan base asked her questions surrounding marriage. During this time, she was able to provide her fans with lessons and learnings. This example can be used for small businesses with interviews between them and customers. Businesses can see the kinds of questions and feedback from the community and craft content such as eBooks or blog posts to educate. By creating a real-time video session, brands can glean insights into their community faster than traditional routes of email campaigns, surveys, or in-person visits.


Depending on the type of business, webinars are can be an integral aspect of a brands strategy. Webinars help drives leads down the funnel from awareness to action. IG’s co-watching feature could be a new way for participants to go through a real-time walkthrough. This approach lends itself to more questions, comments, and interactivity. Additionally, businesses could take the co-watching link and share it in follow up emails and blog posts to bring increased eyeballs to the webinar and have more people follow their Instagram account. This will have long-term benefits for advertising campaigns and company messaging. 

Product Announcements 

Bringing new products to market can have an incredible impact on a business’s bottom line. Businesses can create campaigns and issue press releases to garner as much attention as possible to the new way to the product. With Instagram video co-watching feature, the companies will have direct access to the customers and can get real-time feedback and interest. If Instagram decides to implement the video co-watching feature businesses will be able to bring together customers, prospects, and fans alike to better their products and business goals.

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