One of the key things which separates those who can say YES to those things and those who say NO is PLANNING – both generally planning what goals you want to crush in your business, but also at a more specific level – planning the content you intend to publish on your website social media and YouTube week in, week out.
Content planning is important, not just because it works for building trust, generating leads, and cultivating customer loyalty, but because it has become the new normal from the consumer side. 

Why create a content plan for your brand?


Creating a content plan is not supposed to be some dry exercise designed to take the joy out of blogging – quite the contrary! In fact, if you follow the steps below and create a content plan for your brand, I can pretty much guarantee you will end the task more fired up and excited for the months to come.


Content is no good if no one reads or watches it! All too often brands create content around what THEY want to create, NOT what their target audience wants to read or watch. By spending some time thinking about your audience and planning content which you KNOW they will want to read, you are setting yourself up for a much more successful business. 


Having a content calendar in place will save you a ton of time further down the line. There will be no more dithering about what to create for your brand. You will be able to crack on straight away. It will also mean you don’t have to create additional content on top of your usual workload because you missed something out.


An important part of SEO is content structure, and an important part of content structure is ensuring your categories are balanced. Writing a plan will help you see at a glance if you are planning a similar amount of content for each category. Writing content which your audience truly want to read or watch, and which is the result of careful planning and keyword research, will also ensure your content performs better in search engine results.


How many times have you thought about creating content for a key seasonal event (Christmas / Thanksgiving / Easter / Valentine’s Day / Back to School)?

Seasonal content is a crucial aspect for businesses around the globe as many industries rely on the changing seasons, changing weather, holidays and other variations throughout the year to sell their products and services. The benefits of creating seasonal content include connecting with your user base and the various needs they have throughout the year, in addition to sending valuable refresh signals to search engine.

Most entrepreneurs suffer from the problem of FAR TOO MANY IDEAS! But not all those ideas are good ones, and by definition the vast majority won’t be THE BEST ideas. Spending time evaluating your ideas and choosing the best ones, will mean your brand will be full of your very best content this year. 


Things to consider when planning your content

Before you get started on content planning, you need to consider several different factors:

Your audience

Who are they and what type of content do they want from you? What are their pain points? What are their problems? What content can you write that will help them with their problems?

Your analytics

Which posts are performing well and which posts are performing badly? Can you spot any trends? Can you write more content which is similar to your most popular posts?

For example, if your most popular posts are all recipes cooked in your slow cooker, can you write more slow cooker recipes? If your most popular content is all about how to use Instagram, can you write more posts about using Instagram?

Your goals

What are your goals for 2019 and what content will you need to write to fulfil them?

Relevant seasonal events

What are the key seasonal events which affect your blog? What content will you want to write about them?

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