DaBaby understands his brand, even if you do not.

There a few things to note about DaBaby from close observation of the rising rapper: he’s authentic, a marketing genius and a music video savant. In 2019, rappers are lucky to have one of those qualities but rarely possess all three. ​

Here are 4 inbound marketing strategies DaBaby has used in his career. 

1. His Authenticity 

Inbound marking is about creating long lasting authentic connections. Through honest storytelling ,Dababy has built not only respect but fans around his street credibility. 

Backstory: Last November, DaBaby found himself implicated in a deadly shooting at a local Wal-Mart in Huntersville, North Carolina after a 19-year-old died of gunshot wounds. The rapper, born Jonathan Kirk, was the only person charged and faced the possibility of being locked up for carrying a concealed weapon. He previously addressed the incident by implying that he acted in self-defense when two men approached him, while he was shopping with his family. “If them gunshots ain’t go off, my f*ing daughter could’ve got hit, son could’ve got hit,” he stated.

Most recently, the charges that were brought up against him were dropped, freeing the rapper of the burden that a prison sentence can have on any budding artist’s career. Such a burden has been evident with the new class of controversial star’s in hip hop, but a clean slate for DaBaby means the opportunity to focus on his music and prove his worth without distraction. 

Note: Authentic storytelling entertains and educates in a way that builds trust with your audience and forms a strong and loyal connection.

2. His interesting marketing tactics

Dababy’s first wave of prominence arrived in 2017 when he began to walk around in public wearing nothing but a diaper, naturally a play on his stage name. Notably, he garnered significant buzz for bringing the antics to SXSW, underscoring his attitude of nonchalance and his strong sense of humor. It certainly was enough to get people talking, inevitably leading them to his impressive catalog. “You wanna control your message, you wanna control your image,” he once explained of his methods in an interview with LA Leakers. “You wanna control all that. The less you control, the more of yourself you’re giving away.”

3. His Social Media Content Consistency

If you’re not consistent, you’re not taking advantage of all the opportunities you have to connect with your audience. Creating a few pieces of content here and there might help someone understand a topic better, but they won’t help you hit all of those touch points between your brand and your audience — and they won’t help you build a meaningful relationship with it. To do that, you need to be a consistent content creator. It’s that simple

Dababy masters his content marketing by simply producing content on a daily basis. On average the rapper posts on his Instagram page at least 3 times a day. From show recaps to meet & greets and his everyday life, Dababy documents it all keeping fans all in the loop. 

4. His humorous music videos

Aside from baring it all in public, DaBaby has also managed to translate his comedic tendencies into interesting visuals for his tracks. Full screenings of music videos for cuts like “Walker, Texas Ranger” and “Suge” are excellent examples of a talented artist who has decided not to take himself too seriously. The result of such a combination is a library of entertaining pieces of imagery that certainly rival the string of monotony displayed in hip hop’s music video landscape these days. He’s effectively setting a blueprint for just how far a little creativity can get you and in DaBaby’s case, that equates to over 13 million YouTube streams and counting in just under a month for one clip.

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