As an indie musician, it’s imperative that you focus on things that will have a direct impact on your career: developing strategies, making decisions, team-building, and putting your head down and doing the grunt work. It is through these things that momentum is generated.

There is a common misconception among music artists that strategy and tactics in the music business are the same thing. They are not. So how can you tell the difference between the two?

It’s helpful to think about strategy and tactics in the context of altitude. Metaphorically speaking, strategy usually occurs at 50,000 feet while tactics normally happen at the ground level. If strategy were a body part, it would be the head, and tactics would be the hands. Strategy would encompass the who, what, when, where, and in what order; tactics would encompass the achievement of the task itself.

It’s not uncommon for strategy to be so high-level and conceptual that nothing ever gets accomplished. And on the tactical side, it’s easy to just get so busy doing, doing, doing that you never pull up high enough to define the best roadmap and sequence in your planning. To achieve results, strategy and tactics can’t be mutually exclusive; they must coexist and be aligned for your music career to grow. They are sisters and could not be more connected.

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